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The Art of Texting: Take your texting game to a whole new level. Learn how to present yourself as a high value man when texting women.  (Video)

The Templates: Get effective pre-written lines and texting templates you can use when faced with common texting scenarios men deal with through dating apps or regular texting. (Ebook)

Female Psychology: We go over various topics that uncover the mindset that women have. You’ll learn how to make a girl chase you through conversation, sexual discipline, earned proximity and other related psychology topics to make women want you more. (Video)

The First 10 Dates: The first 10 dates are crucial. This is when she decides if she wants to be your girlfriend or if she wants to ghost you. The many common conversation mistakes men make are outlined in this section. Learn exactly what you should and shouldn't say during those initial dates and interactions with women. (Video)

Body Language and First Impressions: Physical communication is just as important as verbal. Learn how to dominate the first impression and get your body language right to attract and impress more women. (Video)

Live An Actual Life: You're boring because your lifestyle is boring. This video course teaches you how to completely overhaul your social life so you have way more to talk about with women than ever before. (Video)

The Unlimited Conversation System: Learn how to keep a conversation moving forward with two systems that will have women fully engaged and excited to talk to you. (Ebook)

The Content Diet: The only strategy you need to find unlimited content that can be used for future conversations during small talk and dates. (Ebook)

Persuasion: Persuasion is all about doing certain actions to get a response out of someone. And persuasion certainly exists when it comes to dating. Learn about five powerful persuasion techniques you can start using today to make women want you more. (Ebook)

Housekeeping: In this opening module, you’ll learn all the basics when it comes to men’s fashion, fitness, grooming, and self-care. Maximizing your appearance in combination with leveling up your conversation skills is a deadly combo. And thats exactly what we go over in this section. (Video)

How To Be Likable: Ever wanted to be liked? Want to position yourself to be more popular and respected by everyone, including women? This module is for you. You'll learn the green flags and red flags that will make you charming and desirable. Your likability factor will skyrocket after going through this section. (Video)

The Shyness Killer: Being a shy man absolutely sucks. It can be debilitating when it comes to pursuing women. But that changes today. In this video module, you'll learn a three-step system that'll have you breaking out of your shell and leveling up your bravery when it comes to talking to women. (Video)

45-Day Subscription to Dominate Dating: Want to DM Kamilla directly with your questions? Want your dating app profile reviewed and improved? This is the place. Enjoy your complimentary 45-day membership to Dominate Dating. (Interactive Membership Group)

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Conversation Academy has been a life changing course. My habits and lifestyle have improved, I'm more focused on my goals, and Conversation Academy is my guide in all of this. As soon as I started to implement the lessons that Kamilla goes over, the way women interact with me changed (for the better). I’m now catching myself from saying things and making the mistakes I normally would have that would get me ghosted or rejected. Not long after I joined Conversation Academy, I met someone and was able to keep the relationship going to where I now have a girlfriend. Today, I'm confident, I can trust myself, I can dream big and I believe, I know the way to get there.

- Ashik I.

I definitely recommend Conversation Academy! Kamilla provided succinct, highly relevant, and easily applicable advice. In my opinion, it is an all-in-one course that covers all the different aspects of dating. You will see your game improve almost immediately. There's a lot of common mistakes and traps men fall into without realizing when it comes to talking to women and Kamilla provides solid navigation on how to avoid blunders on dates. You will become a better conversationalist after this course.

- M.D.

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